Together Now Annual Report 2021-22

I would like to say that being with your family is so great a feeling. It makes you feel strong after weakness… I need days or months to just see my wife’s eyes and let myself believe that she is by my side and I am not dreaming.

This year we are proud to have been able to expand to answer growing numbers of referrals, and to respond to ever-changing needs, supporting more than 1200 people. As families arrive to increasingly difficult circumstances, facing long delays with housing and benefits, we have offered more post-arrival support and longer term involvement with families. This has been particularly beneficial for those arriving in Scotland, where they have been supported to access government funding. We are also very pleased to have been able to meet the targets set out in our ‘Front and Centre’ strategy: we have transferred ownership
of Together Now to those with lived experience, and embedded clients’ voices in our delivery. We believe, more than ever, in reuniting refugee families. We aspire to make Together Now even more resilient and responsive, keeping the expertise of those with lived experience at the heart of what we do.

20212022 Annual Report and Accounts