Passing of Nationality and Borders Bill

We are disappointed at the news that the Nationality and Borders Bill will become law. With others in the sector, we will continue to campaign against these laws that will unjustly penalise those seeking asylum in the UK.

Here one of our clients shares his views:

“I understand and know that British Public want an Asylum system that is fair, orderly and humane. The evidence has shown a massive outpouring of welcome people for fleeing from Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan etc.

I personally believe that the UK Government is out of step with people fleeing conflicts and war in implementing this harmful Bill. I believe the UK Government have a lack of compassion.

Many people who are now fleeing persecution, conflicts and war will find it very hard to find safety in the UK because the Bill aims to amend the offense of helping asylum seeker to enter the UK. This means that any person who knowingly facilitates the arrivals, or attempted arrival, of an asylum seeker, will be guilty of an offense and subject to life imprisonment, regardless of whether or not they have facilitated the entry ‘for gain’.

I believe that the only way to flee war, persecution or conflicts is to enter a safe country illegally. But under the proposal of the Government in the new Bill, any person arriving in the UK without permission can be persecuted in the UK.

I therefore notice that removing the requirement of entry may open asylum seekers to persecution for just arriving in the UK before being able to claim asylum. This will mentally or psychologically damage many separate families who intend to reunite in the UK.

This bill will negatively impact refugees and family attitudes in the UK. Even myself, I, will not feel comfortable and safe to live in the UK with my family as any time new bills could also be implemented again.

Many family members abroad waiting for permission to come to the UK will experience fear about the Government position because huge delays will be noticed on dealing with cases and family members left behind will often be living in insecure circumstances, unable to join their loved one who have no family reunion approved or asylum granted.

I personally believe that the UK government should not penalise refugees or the asylum seekers on how they enter the UK. This should be assessed on what the Home Office used to deal with, a ‘merit based on personal case approach.’ That would allow them to grant an asylum seeker refugee status based on his or her case.

I would NOT like to see people seeking safety to be put without hope by the UK Government. This is the reason why I would like the UK public and the charity sector to email their MP to oppose this.

We all need to be on the side of people seeking safety in the UK.”

To join the campaign to fight the implementation of this bill please visit the ‘Fight the Anti Refugee Laws’ website: