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Together Now: Temporary criteria

Currently we are not able to provide flights for everyone who applies to us. Please make sure you have tried all other options before making an application. We are working on improving this situation.

We can only help families who:

  • Have fewer than three people travelling. Families where there are three or more people or unaccompanied minors travelling should contact the Red Cross first: Link to Red Cross website.
  • Have received their UK Entry Clearance visas for Refugee Family Reunion.
  • Have all the necessary exit permissions and are ready to travel.

Until we have more capacity we will prioritise:

  • Families who are displaced (particularly those at risk of issues caused by overstaying).
  • Families who are at significant risk of immediate harm.
  • Families with children.
  • Children or young adults travelling alone or living alone.
  • Families where the cost of flights is significant.

We are unlikely to be able to help where:

  • There is one adult travelling.
  • The total cost of the flights is below £500.
  • Family members are living in their home country and are not at immediate risk of harm.

We will review applications weekly and provide an update by Friday each week. 

Link to Amharic translation | Link to Arabic translation | Link to Farsi translation | Link to Tigrinya translation

If we accept your application please note:

  • You will not get to choose the date of your family’s flight (it will be before the visa expires)
  • You will not get to choose the route or airline and we cannot usually get direct flights.
  • It may take a few weeks to get confirmation that we are able to book for you.

Making an application 

If you would like to apply for travel assistance we will need the following information. This can be sent by email to or by Whatsapp to 00447929337837


  • Sponsor’s BRP (front and back)
  • Sponsor’s proof of income
  • Passport(s) for family member(s) travelling
  • Entry visa(s) for family member(s) travelling
  • Exit visa(s) for family member(s) travelling or confirmation none are required

Additional information:

  • Sponsor’s UK phone number (this should work in Whatsapp if possible)
  • Sponsor’s email address
  • Family member(s) phone number (this should work in Whatsapp if possible)
  • Family member(s) email address
  • Details of any children or dependent family member(s) not included in the travel assistance request
  • Sponsor’s current address
  • Confirmation of where the arriving family members will live.
  • Details of any agency available to support with housing, benefits and other arrangements after family member(s) arrive
  • Preferred departure airport and any possible alternatives
  • Preferred arrival airport and any possible alternatives
  • Any disabilities or medical conditions for any family member(s) that will affect their ability to travel
  • Any other concerns about the travel, eg issues with airport authorities, family not having legal status in the departure country etc

Application checklist – travel assistance


Other sources of funding

Applying for a Refugee Integration Loan: Apply for integration loan

Applying to National Zakat Foundation: Apply for Zakat support

Borrow from a safe lender such as a credit union: Find a credit union