Zema’s story

Zema studied public health and was a project facilitator at the YMCA Ethiopia, Yosef studied IT was an IT co-ordinator and graphic designer at YMCA Ethiopia as well.

“I have been forced to leave my home country because I have been receiving threats from the government and unknown people to stop what I am doing in my political party. Which was being the voice for minority groups which needs support to stop false propaganda about Amharan people and regions. After I left my country my partner also has been receiving threat to tell them where I want.

I have been separated from my family for 2 years. It feels like I am alone in this world because I only have one sister and one little brother and am the youngest of all. We lost our parents when we were children so being apart from them as well as from my partner was the end of the world but It was the only option to survive, I hope I will bring them one day. After I came here I never slept peacefully.  Being responsible for your family is the most difficult thing when you are not around.

Yosef lived in his grandmother’s house and my sister and brother keep changing address (as we were living in renting house) so that they can be safer. Through that time, my husband had been by their side no matter what.

The visa application process wasn’t easy for us. He had difficulty when he tried to attend his appointment at the visa centre because he wasn’t having a passport. My lawyer told us it was possible without it, but they were not willing to do that so they turn him back (Ethiopia). He was really upset even cannot go work but applied for passport and again it takes so long without any enough reason. That time was the worst time of our lives. Finally, he got it and applied for the visa.

Our advice for those in the same situation is to keep supporting each other no matter what and find other way, don’t give up. We are in UK where we can live peacefully in the most democratic country where we can get support whenever we want.

Our future plan is to have a quality life without any fear and study more further as well as keep supporting charity like Together Now as a volunteer because what you have done for us matters in our life so we want to be a part of it.”