Travel advice

Before you travel

  • Check in online if you need to
  • Make sure your baggage is under the allowance for the flight. The allowance will be provided with your tickets.
  • Write down our contact details so you can call us in an emergency including the mobile number you’ve been given.
  • Write down your journey details including so you can ask for assistance even if you cannot speak the same language.
  • Write down details of what to do when you arrive in the UK, including information on meeting points.

On the journey

  • The food on board the plane is usually included in your ticket price.
  • If you need anything on the place you can ask the airline staff.
  • If you need advice you can ask staff on the plane or in the airport. If you can’t speak the same language you can show them your journey details or ask them to call us.
  • If you are stopping at another airport on the way to the UK you will need to get off the plane and find the new gate for your next flight. There will be screens with your flight number and the number of a gate. Follow the signs to find where your gate is. If you get lost you can show a staff member your flight number and they will help you. Find your gate straight away as some airports might take a while to get through.

Arriving in the UK

  • If you don’t know where to go, try following other people off your flight.
  • You will need to go through immigration and show them your passport and visa. If there is a problem you can call us or ask the staff to call us.
  • You then need to collect your bags. If they don’t come and bags have stopped arriving don’t worry. You can ask staff or we can contact the airline later to find them.
  • When you have your bags you need to go through to arrivals. You will go through a door where lots of people will be waiting to meet passengers.
  • We or your family will give you instructions on where to meet them when you arrive.
  • If you cannot find them go to the ‘Information Desk’ and ask the staff to help you. Show them the written information you have if you don’t speak English.
  • Unless you are told otherwise don’t leave the airport building until you have met the person collecting you.

For people meeting family members

  • Make sure your family know to contact you if they have not travelled.
  • Arrange a clear meeting point. We suggest waiting in a prominent location where they will see you when they come through the doors. It might be useful to arrange a backup meeting point which is a shop or cafe. If you send your family a picture it will be easier to recognise it. The airport website will have details of what shops and cafes are at arrivals.
  • It can take a long time between the flight landing and people getting to arrivals.
  • If you can no longer see people coming through from the flight your family is on and you are worried speak to the Information Desk. They can sometimes check if people are stuck at baggage claim or immigration.
  • If you would like someone to accompany you to meet your family and help with any problems please let us know early in the process so we can arrange this.

Please contact the person dealing with your case if you need help or advice at any point in the process.