Together Now Annual Report 2017-18

I wish to be with my family as others have the right to live with their family – in safety and security.

This year we have continued our relationship with Miles4Migrants and 11 families have travelled through this programme. With this programme allowing us to provide flights for families we have been able to explore other areas of work. This has included redirecting our income from donations to cases where financial aid rather than a flight is needed.

Developing a structure for our work has given us opportunity to identify areas for improvement and we have successfully applied for a grant to fund a project worker to carry out some evaluation of our activity. We have also been able to use other grant income to fund specific areas of activity. We continue to work towards our aim of having reunited 200 families by 2020 and are on track for this target. This year we reached a key milestone with the arrival of the 100th family we’ve supported.


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