Together Now Annual Report 2015-16

“I have got my children with me now my life is complete its full now I am free of all stress and anxiety after this reunion.”

This year a key challenge has been the time limit on the visas our clients are issued. Each entry visa allows travel for 30 days from the date of issue.


As there are increasingly fewer places for people to get funding from for family reunion travel and it can sometimes take them longer to find us. It means that when they apply they might have less than a week for their family to travel.

This means the family’s options are limited and we are forced to book flights at short notice which costs us more than it would otherwise.


However we are pleased that our process has allowed us to be quick and flexible in responding to these clients with the greatest urgency with the vast majority of people receiving a decision on whether we can progress their case or not within 24 hours.


Read our 2015-16 Annual Report here