Together Now Annual Report 2014-15

“Family reunion. Wow. What could you do without?”

This year we have changed our name from ‘Refugee Welcome Trust’ to ‘Together Now’. We feel this better represents the positive outcomes of our work. This change will also benefit our clients, some of whom were nervous travelling on tickets bearing the word ‘refugee’ because of the danger in their home country.


We have supported three cases through our family reunion service and two through our travel service where we’ve worked closely with partner agencies.


Despite continuing to rely on volunteer time we have maintained the ability to be flexible and respond quickly to the needs of our clients. This has included booking a travel service client on a flight four days after we received the initial enquiry. We would not be able to do this without the dedication and expertise of the partner agencies we work with including our travel agent, Diversity Travel.

Thanks to Awards for All we were also able to run a small pilot which enabled clients who are not yet eligible for family reunion to support their family back home.


Read our 2014-15 Annual Report here