Simon’s story

“I heard about Together Now from my friends. The living situation for my family before they came to the UK was a bit hard, as we all know life is hard. Especially in a long relationship where you’re living in two different countries. But we are now hoping everything will go smoothly. Being alone is the worst thing ever, even though you have many things around you such as money and a job this is all nothing if you feel lonely. My living situation without my wife was hard. The family reunion process was hard at the beginning until they accepted the application. After that it was fine.

Before I came to the UK I studied surveying and I had worked for three years in a construction company.

My plan in the future is to have a nice life with my family, have a good job, have a kid. The most important thing is to have happiness and live with my family.

My advice for families waiting for a family reunion is to have faith that one day you will come to join with your family. Until then focus on what you can to do to try to work hard before your family arrive in the UK because they will need lots of things when they come. Be ready for everything they ask you. Be strong.”


Due to the Covid-19 restrictions Simon’s wife was required to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days at a cost of £1,750 an amount making the travel inaccessible for many refugees. We were able to support Simon with booking the hotel quarantine so his wife was able to travel.