Semira’s story

“In Eritrea I worked with farmers to get money to feed my mum, my two little brothers and my daughter. My husband Hamid was a part of the military. They found one person he was linked to who was involved in the opposition and he had to leave. I went with him and took my brothers and my daughter. My two brothers are now still in Sudan.

After I came to England I was separated from my husband and daughter for almost two years. I was as hard as anyone can feel to be separate from my family.

I want to say a big thanks to the Red Cross – without them I wouldn’t have been able to get the visas for my husband and daughter. If I had not had help from Together Now I would not have been able to get them to the UK because I could not afford to pay the amount of the quarantine and the flights. I want to say a big thanks for everyone who helped me.

I would recommend other families ask for help from the Red Cross or Together Now to make it easier for their families to join them.

Because I am uneducated in the future I will try to support my daughter to be a doctor or nurse to solve people’s problems. The same for my brothers if I can get them to come to the UK.”