Refugee Welcome Trust Annual Report 2013-14

‘My family is settling in well. They are in school at the moment studying English. We are very safe here in the UK, living together as a family for the first time. More importantly, my wife and I don’t have to be looking over our shoulders for dangers.”

Our fourth year has been about focusing on growing our work into new areas. With funding from the Coop Community Fund we have been delivering awareness raising sessions for local groups and we have received funding from Awards for All for a film project ‘Connected Families to begin soon. These projects have been designed to support our core work and maximise the benefits we can offer with our limited resources.


We have also seen one successful family reunion through our family reunion service, a young girl who had been waiting over a year to be reunited with her family, and another through our travel service.


Read our 2013-14 Annual Report here