Rada’s Story

In their home country Rada and Mimi worked in a shop. Rada also trained up other staff and drove lorries. They got engaged in 2014 and married the same year.

Rada was detained by the government. After his father paid to get him out he fled. Mimi didn’t know he was safe until he was able to call her from the UK. Whilst he waited for his asylum application to be processed, back home, Mimi was being asked by government officials about the whereabouts of her husband.

Mimi is ‘excited and very happy’ to be coming to join her husband in England. Rada says; ‘Life was hard before. Now we will have a family and work for the future.’ We’re only able to be able to reunite Mimi and Rada through donations made to us. In this case we also appreciate the time taken by an airport chaplain at Heathrow who will help Mimi get her connected flight as it is her first time flying.