Prepare, plan, reunite: Guide to Refugee Family Reunion

This information is to help you think about what will be required to bring your family to the UK. It should be used as a guide and some advice may not apply in your situation.

“I would advise those in the same situation not to lose hope to be reunited” Together Now client

Audiovisual guides will be available shortly.

Prepare for your application

There are lots of costs associated with applying for family reunion visas.


  1. Legal advice
  2. Interpreting and translation
  3. Passports and birth certificates
  4. DNA testing
  5. TB test certificates
  6. Travel to appointments
  7. Gathering all this information can take several months.

 More information on preparing for your application for family reunion visas.

Plan for their arrival

When your application is submitted you need to be ready for your family’s arrival.

You need to consider:

  1. Flight booking
  2. Exit visas or permits
  3. Where you will live after they arrive
  4. What money you will live on before benefits start
  5. How your family will get to the airport for their flight
  6. How you will get your family home from the airport

This can take a long time to plan and you may need help.

 More information on planning for your family’s arrival.

Reunite with your family

When your family are here there will be lots to do.

This might include:

  1. Collecting their BRPs or arranging redelivery
  2. Finding your family English lessons (ESOL)
  3. Enrolling your children in school or college
  4. Applying for benefits for your family
  5. Registering with doctors (GP)
  6. Helping your family to build community contacts and adjusting to life in the UK

This will be a stressful time for your family. There are organisations who can help if you need.

More information on when you are reunited with your family. 


Prepare Plan Reunite toolkit, a checklist for those who want to reunite with family members

Costs of family reunion checking; an itemised checklist of potential costs to consider