Mustafa’s story

“I worked as a computer engineer, I met my wife on my friend’s birthday eight years ago. she was working as a construction engineer, we started a love story and then in 2016 we got married and had a child in 2018. My life was beautiful and peaceful.

But in 2019 the situation in my country began to change for the worse because of the authoritarian system of governance. I became chased by the security forces because I expressed an opinion, and then I decided to escape from my country, leaving behind my wife, my child, my family and my friends.

I arrived in the United Kingdom at the beginning of 2020 hoping to live in peace And without worry, after I got the right of residence. I applied for a Family Reunion visa for my wife and child. At the beginning of 2021 they got a permission to enter United Kingdom. But unfortunately I had a financial problem and couldn’t buy airline ticket because I am not working. I contacted with a charity organisation, but they refused to help me. Then I sent an email to a Together Now organisation and I asked them to help me to buy tickets for my family members. Indeed, they helped me and their reaction was very positive and fast, in addition to that. They paid the cost of the Covid-19 examination (test package) and completed the rest of the procedures for example the Passenger Locator Form.

My wife’s flight had taken 15 hours and it was a very emotional moment when I met my wife and my son in the airport arrivals hall after an absence of more than a year and a half.

It was really a nice experience with the Together Now organisation, they did the impossible to bring my family, despite the travel restrictions because of spread the Coronavirus, there were a lot of restrictions due to the suspension and cancellation of travel trips by some airlines. But in the end my wife and child arrived in the UK and here we are today, starting a new story and a new life.

Thanks to the Together Now employees.”


We would also like to thank Miles4Migrants for their work on this case, as with most at the moment the arrangements were more difficult than they have been and we appreciate the work that goes into working within the UK government restrictions and making these arrangements possible.