Michael’s story

Michael is a child living with carers in his home country. His mother fled to the UK and lost contact with Michael and his brother for several years. When she was able to make contact with them a year ago she started the process of being able to bring her children to the UK.

A visa was granted for Michael’s older sibling but not him.

When visas are granted there is a need to travel within a certain time period. Michael’s brother has some medical problems so arrangements were made for him to travel to the UK.  Although some costs were covered by an NGO his mother struggled to get together the money for exit visas and other fees pushing her further into financial hardship.

Michael’s mother and her solicitor put in an appeal against his visa being refused and this was progressing until his mother received a notice asking her to pay £140 to the courts. She was unable to do so as the letter was received a couple of days before the hearing and she has little support.

We were able to pay the fee for her allowing her appeal to progress and get Michael closer to being reunited with his family.