Kidist’s story

Amanuel had been living with a family friend in Ethiopia until he was reunited with his aunt Kidist this week. She tells their story:
“When I was a student I discussed religion with my school friends. I am a Pentecostal Christian, it’s not allowed in my home country.
The government police came to our prayer time and we went to prison. After that in 2006 I was made to do military training. Then I had to work in administration as an office secretary for four years without fee. I couldn’t leave my faith.
I got married and left my job but in 2012 the government wanted me to move again but I was afraid and left my home country in 2013. I missed my husband and nephew. I lived in Sudan but could not stay there. I came to the UK and my life was safe.
My nephew had stayed in Ethiopia and didn’t go to school. He just waited until he could come to live with me. It took six years.
He is ‘excited and very happy’ to have come to live with me in England. He says ‘life was hard before’ and this was the first time he’d travelled by air.
I really appreciate you and the job you do.”