Iman’s story

“We met each other in Thailand and we got married in 2015. I converted to Christianity from Islam, this is an offence in Iran and punishable by death. When the Iranian authorities found out I’d converted my wife was away visiting her family in Thailand.

It was hard being separated for such a long long time. We stayed in touch using social media and video calls but finally god did a miracle and I got my wife back.

I thank God for showing me very good people. Although we haven’t met you’ve helped a lot. I was so excited when I heard she was coming and thankful for god and you for the ticket. Otherwise I wouldn’t have know how I can bring her here.

When she knew she was coming she said that I’ll come anywhere to see you. She loves it here and we are very happy now together.

God bless you”

Iman and his wife were reunited through our partnership with Miles4Migrants. Find out more about Miles4Migrants here.