Ibrahim’s story

Ibrahim’s family are being harassed by security forces in their home country. His father was seriously injured in one attack and is being cared for by his wife. Ibrahim’s wife and children have been issued with UK entry visas but his father’s was denied. Whilst he makes arrangements for his family to come to the UK he is putting in an appeal to get his father’s visa granted. When his wife leaves there will only be a neighbour to care for his father. If they do not come to the UK there is a risk they would not be granted visas again.

When his family arrive they will have nothing to live off for the first few days. The fee to the court is for his father’s appeal is just £140 but Ibrahim is already supporting the whole family with his single person’s benefit payment.

We were able to help Ibrahim with the appeal fee for his father. With funding from the Cooperative Community Fund we were also able to offer arrival grants of £30 per person to help them through the first few days in the UK.