Sharing your story

If you’ve received support with family reunion we’d appreciate you getting in touch.

It will really help us if we can share your story in order to tell people about family reunion and what we do. Many people do not understand how important it is for you to be reunited with your family and the reasons you were apart in the first place. By sharing your story we can explain this and encourage them to donate money for future grants.

We can change your name so you and your family remain anonymous.

For an example of how we use the information see ‘Our stories’.

You can tell us whatever you like but things that it might be useful to say are:

  • when you arrived in the UK
  • why you had to come to the UK
  • how long you were apart from your family
  • why you needed our help and couldn’t pay for the flights yourself
  • what you do in the UK
  • what your plans are for the future

You do not have to include all of this or any of it and you can tell your story the way you like.

If you like you can send us pictures to go with your story. These really help people understand your situation.

To tell us your story please email us at

If you’d like to contact us to update us on how you and your family are getting on that would also be appreciated.