Hadi and Soha’s story

“I worked in real-estate company in Iran and Soha* works in beauty industry. I had to leave my country because government pressure me to leave because of my religion. I’m Cristian. The government confiscated all of my property. They want to execute me because of my belief and my religion.”

“We were 20 months apart with Soha. As far as all people know Corona changed everything especially for us due to visa and travel restrictions.”

“I got Together Now contact details from Refugee Council or British Red Cross.” Miles4Migrants who work in partnership with Together Now booked flights by using air miles for Soha. She arrived to the UK at the beginning of July. “The flight journey was great, without any problems.”

“Our feelings were amazing and unbelievable after two years. You can’t imagine. We been in relationship more than eleven years and we didn’t have 2 years separated. I have never ever felt like this.”

Hadi says: “I love Glasgow and Scottish people. I think I owe Scotland and Scottish people. Glasgow is very nice and historic city with old custom and nice culture with kindness people. We decided to stay and live in Glasgow for ever and we’ll have baby and we’ll make own business and own company in here. We’ll want to make amends for Glasgow and Scottish people and tell them your kindness and helping and special service to us has not been in vain.”

“Finally I want to thank you and Together Now community for your support. God bless you 🙏🙏🙏”