Atal’s story

An Afghan refugee. Atal has been in the UK for eight years without his family. His wife and children lived in a refugee camp in Pakistan where he was at least able to visit them occasionally. He and his brother established a life for themselves in the UK whilst he worked hard to get visas for his family. Atal’s children had lived all their lives in the camp and knew nothing of ‘normal’ everyday life. In the camp access to education was very limited and there were fears for the family’s safety. When he got in touch Atal was working with his solicitor to apply for visas to his family. He kept us informed through the process and when the visas were issued we were able to book flights quickly. With the family being refugees in Pakistan and having limited rights there were lots of uncertainties around the travel but Atal worked tirelessly to resolve each obstacle that came up and they were able to have an uncomplicated trip when the time came.

“To be honest when I was apart from my family I was very very upset and the life was very difficult. My family’s trip was absolutely pleasant, enjoyable and calm. For now they are OK but they may take more time to settle.

The UK is completely different from the refugee camp in Pakistan when comparing weather, environment, safety and social life. Everything is going well and we can breathe easy because we are safe.

In the future I will do everything for their upcoming future and their education. I will be trying to being my children to have good will to all humanity especially to the public of the UK.

Our god bless you.”


Atal’s son hopes one day to become a doctor and brought his text books from the camp to study on the journey. He managed to put aside his own nervousness about the trip to support his mother, sisters and younger brother on the flight. A family member asked us to pass on this message to the people who have helped them; “When you reunite one family a hundred people thank you.”