Apply for travel assistance

We are struggling to meet the demand for travel assistance – please note the following:

  • If your family is travelling from Iran it might be worth looking at options on Pegasus Airlines as they provide low cost flights. We cannot currently provide travel from Iran to anywhere except London.
  • If your family is travelling from Sudan it is unlikely we will be able to help. Please look at other options to fund your family’s travel including the Red CrossRefuAid or the National Zakat Foundation.

Travel service referrals

To refer an individual for our family reunion service, please use the form  below. We aim to let the referral organisation and potential client know whether we can fund their case within 1-2 working days.

You can make a referral at any stage but we are unable to start booking travel until we’ve seen a copy of the UK entry visa for the family. We are happy to discuss cases earlier to assess whether we will be able to offer support.

Before applying please consider we are a small volunteer run charity with flights donated individually by a US charity. This means there are some restrictions on what we can offer.

  • You cannot choose the date of your flight(s) – all flights will be booked for a date before the visa expires but it may not be as soon as you want.
  • We cannot choose the route. The flight might include one or two connections.
  • We cannot change the tickets after they are booked so you need to provide all the relevant information when you apply. This should include any delays, applications for exit visas or time needed to travel to the airport.
  • The flight we provide is the same as if you had booked yourself. You will receive an email confirmation with a booking number but no printed tickets.
  • We do not have any staff to help your family at the airports, this includes if they need to make a connection between two flights.

If you are happy with these restrictions please complete this form to apply for travel:

I confirm I will accept a flight on any day before the visa expiry date

I confirm I will accept any route provided

I confirm my family can get to the departure airport without support

I confirm that my family do not require any additional paperwork to exit the departure country

I confirm that I will accept arrival at any airport in the UK (support with travel can be provided)

Please upload a copy of the travel visa for passenger 1

Please upload a copy of the travel visa for passenger 2

Please upload a copy of the passport for passenger 1

Please upload a copy of the passport for passenger 2

Please upload a copy of the sponsor's BRP

Please upload a copy of the sponsor's proof of income

Please note we are not able to provide travel to everyone who applies. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

If you are applying for more than two family members please send all the documents to
Please note we are currently experiencing a very high volume of applications and may not be able to book for everyone who applies.