Apply for travel assistance

We are only able to accept a small number of applications for travel assistance.

Families where there are three or more people or unaccompanied minors travelling should contact the Red Cross first: Link to Red Cross website. If the Red Cross cannot help then you can apply to us.

We are unlikely to be able to help in cases where;

  • the total cost of the flights is below £500
  • there is only one adult travelling

If there is some additional urgency please contact us to discuss this.

If we cannot help we will let you know as soon as possible. In some cases we may be able to help you apply for a loan to cover the travel.

Booking process

All our travel is booked through our partners Miles4Migrants.

Families will not be able to;

  • Select dates for travel
  • Choose an airline or route (please note there may be two or more stops)
  • Make changes once the booking is made

Please do not apply if you will not use the booking we provide. If bookings are not used the flight is wasted and another family will not be reunited.

Making an application

To apply for travel assistance we will need;

  • Sponsor’s BRP (front and back)
  • Sponsor address
  • Sponsor’s email address and phone number (if the sponsor needs help with English please also include a phone number for someone who can interpret)
  • Sponsor proof of income
  • Passports and visas for all family members travelling
  • Address where the family members are living and confirmation of departure airport
  • Passenger email address and phone number
  • Details of where the family will live when they arrive and where they will go from the airport

Please send details to