Amal’s story

Amal* was referred to us on a Friday, her husband had been recently released from detention in their home country and was about to be made street homeless on Monday. There was also concern about the supply of medication he depended on running out.

Amal and her husband have known each other since they were children but had now been apart now for seven years. Amal had their three children with her in the UK one of whom is in ill health. Her husband has been studying in his home country but had to stop because of the war, he had been in prison for political reasons since 2013.

We were able to make a booking for a flight the same day. We set up a Whatsapp group to allow us to communicate with the family and share all the paperwork quickly. Amal was able to add a friend to help with interpreting. Her friend was able to explain the pre departure Covid testing requirements and this was supported by a call with the referral charity using an interpreter. The required Covid testing was completed we booked the UK Covid testing and supported them to complete the Passenger Locator Forum for Public Health and Immigration.

Amal’s husband travelled on Monday night and arrived on Tuesday morning, days before his medication ran out.

“He didn’t have any difficulty in all the process of travelling (checking in, transit and arriving to the UK). They also didn’t have any major concerns because they trusted in both our organisations, and they thought that the communication and booking process was good. She said they worried more about the future and what would happen after the arrival to the UK than about the travel itself. They don’t have any advice for other families in the same situation, just that people should reach out to our organisations because they were very grateful for our support.” (Feedback from referral charity)

“Meeting at the airport was very emotional. For the future we want to settle, provide education to our children and be safe.”


*Names and details changed to protect the family’s identity