Abraham’s story

Abraham and his wife Senait met in Sudan, when he came to us they had been apart for three years. When Abraham arrived in the UK he struggled to contact his wife as she’d gone back to her home country.

‘It was very difficult, especially for me, because she was pregnant and it is our first child. I dreamt of seeing her whilst she was pregnant and wanted to be there to share her pain when she delivered the baby.’

When Senait and their daughter arrived in the UK it was the first time Abraham had met his two year old daughter.

‘I am very happy. Marriage and children are a blessing, a gift from God. No one can give this kind of gift. I am very proud of my family and happy living with them. My wife is also very happy living with me and feels good living in the UK.

Our future is living peacefully and working together. I will help my wife and daughter learn English. At the moment we’re living in temporary accommodation but once we find a place they will register at school.’