A single tweet to reunite hundreds of families

A single tweet by University of Michigan professor, Beth Wilensky has resulted in over 25 million air miles being donated to US based charity Miles4Migrants.

Miles4Migrants innovative programme takes pledges of air miles and works with partner organisations across the world to book flights to reunite refugees with their families.

Bethan’s tweet last week was shared over 30,000 times and the resulting online support spiralled seeing the start-up charity receive over 15 times the pledges they’d had in their first two years in just a week. These pledges are expected to allow Miles4Migrants to fly over 1000 people to be reunited with their family.

Seth Stanton from Miles4Migrants said:

“Our programme allows people to make truly personal connections with their donation. Each flight we book is done using air miles from one donor so we are able to let each individual know that we’ve used their miles and the outcome. Beth’s tweet has really highlighted to people that relationship between donor and recipient and shown the real satisfaction individuals can get from knowing the difference they’ve made. If you’d like to join Beth and donate your air miles you can do so through our website.”

Together Now, Miles4Migrant’s UK partner, have worked with the programme to reunite around 30 families over the last two years and hope that this surge in donations will see them being able to increase their ability to provide much needed transport to refugees living in the UK who are desperate to have their loved ones join them.

Amy Lythgoe from Together Now said:

“Once refugees have received their right to stay in the UK their dependent family can be issued visas to join them. We are able to provide the transport to allow these families to exercise their right to be together in safety. Being separated can have damaging effects on family relationships and the mental health and wellbeing of family members. Having been one of Miles4Migrants’ first partners we understand the massive impact their programme has had on the families we’ve worked with and are thrilled that this single tweet is going to allow them, us, and their other partners to support so many more people.”


About Miles4Migrants

Miles4Migrants is a US based 501(c)(3) non profit formed in September 2016. Their goal is to use donated frequent flyer miles and money to book flights that bring refugees to their new homes and reunite families separated by conflict and persecution.

More information can be found at: miles4migrants.org and you can follow Miles4Migrants on Twitter at @miles4migrants or find them on Facebook.

Photo: A father and daughter are reunited at Leeds Bradford airport after six years apart.