Many refugees have been forced to leave families behind in order to seek asylum and have often been apart from their partners and children for significant periods of time.

“When I saw my family I was very very happy for a long while and still am. Every day is different”

Connected families

Our connected families project worked with refugees and asylum seekers from across Greater Manchester. We talked around the theme of family and at a series of workshops produced the film below.

Connected Families from edwin pink tv on Vimeo.

 Romain’s story

Romain, a nurse, came to the UK five years ago having being persecuted by the government in his home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo…. read more

Supporting refugee family reunion can help victims of persecution begin to rebuild their lives as a family unit.

“In the future I plan to look after my children. To bring up my children to have a good education. To have a job.”

“There is nothing more beautiful than to be able to live together with your family.”